IT Workstation


Computer rooms located at Villejuif or Le Kremlin-BicĂȘtre are available at any time - day and night. Other computer rooms may have specific schedule depending on their location. The machines have no hard drive, they boot via the network using PXE (Preboot Execution Environment).

A menu is proposed with an Archlinux session. Archlinux is the operating system chosen by the school.

Live session

The Archlinux image evolves through the year to allow students to realize their projects.

The image is loaded in the memory. Which means that the entirety of the modifications made outside of the AFS folders are lost on reboot.

Epita account

A CRI account, without any password, is available at any moment The login is epita. It allows one to quickly log in on a computer, even without network (if it is already started, obviously). It is strongly recommended to turn off the computer after using this account to avoid people from retrieving data by re-logging on it.

Student session

Each student has a session on the network. To log on it, one has to use his login and his CRI password.

Personal folders are stocked on AFS. It is essential to read this topic.