How to setup and use the PIE VM

This method allow you to have the PIE environment running in a VM on your computer.


First step

Install Virtual Box.

On linux you can install it with your packet manager (Debian or ArchLinux).

Second step

Download our VirtualBox appliance.

Open VirtualBox and go to File > Import Appliance and import the file you just downloaded.




When getting to the Appliance settings page, you may adjust the RAM and CPU parameters. Be careful to have a least 2048 MB of RAM.

You can then click the Import button.


Third step

Inside Virtual Box select your newly created virtual machine and click on the Start button.


In the familiar PXE menu, choose the Prepare disk entry.

Let it boot, a script will run automatically and your VM will shutdown once its done.


Fourth step

You can now Start your VM again. You can now use the PXE menu as usual to boot Archlinux image.

Be careful ! You should log with epita user and no password. Your data is in /home/epita, this directory is kept between reboot, you will not lose files each time you stop your VM.

Fifth step (optional)

You can restore your files by using the afs-restore command in a terminal.

Common issues

Error: failed to start Switch Root.


You probably didn't start the Prepare disk image, please do the third step again.

Black screen after starting the VM

Please ensure you are using VirtualBox 6.1 (you can check in Help -> About VirtualBox).

Not in a hypervisor partition


You need to enable Vt-x or AMD-V in your BIOS.

Cannot enable nested VT-x/AMD-V without nested-paging


Go to the VM settings window and in the System page and Processor tab, uncheck the Enable nested Vt-x/AMD-V box.