In general, in case of any problem / incident / question, one should turn to his assistants and not directly to the Bocal or CRI. It is to the assistants responsibility to try solve any problem or to contact the CRI or the Bocal if needed.

Any person contacting the Bocal without any justification might be punished.

Any application towards assistants, the CRI or the Bocal must be as clear as possible, with a maximum of information.


It is possible to contact the CRI directly in case of any particular need or suggestion regarding the IT workstation. If the requirement concerns a project, one has to contact his assistants.


To contact the Bocal, one has to create a ticket on their jira instance.


To contact the CRI, one has to create a ticket by sending a mail at


Facebook is not a viable way of communication for the school! Any person trying to contact the CRI via Facebook will be punished.