Students at EPITA are given two kind of accounts: one is related with their status as a IONIS student (Bocal Account), and another one is linked to EPITA (CRI Account).


The Bocal account is created at the beginning of the scholarship, allowing students to:

You can access this account with your email address.

Your Bocal password cannot be changed manually but it can be regenerated on the Bocal intranet.


Every EPITA student is given a CRI account. It serves purposes such as:

  • UNIX sessions on PXE
  • UNIX exams (SPÉ/ING)
  • CRI's intranet
  • Assistants' intranets
  • Moodle
  • CRI's RocketChat
  • Some workshops (THLR, algorithms, etc...)

You access this account using your CRI login which is usually the first part of your email address, before