Students at EPITA are given two kind of accounts: one is related with their status as an IONIS student (Bocal Account), and another one is linked to EPITA (CRI Account).


The Bocal account is created at the beginning of the scholarship, allowing students to:

You can access this account with your email address.

Your bocal password cannot be changed manually but it can be regenerated on the Bocal intranet.


Every EPITA student is given a CRI account. It serves purposes such as:

  • UNIX sessions on PXE
  • UNIX exams (SPÉ/ING)
  • CRI's intranet
  • Assistants' intranets
  • Moodle
  • CRI's RocketChat
  • Some workshops (THLR, algorithms, etc...)

You access this account using your CRI login which is usually the first part of your email address, before